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St. Philip of Agira
  • Life and miracles of St. Philip   ( 1 Article )

    Life and miracles of St. Philip of Agira

  • Hymns and prayers to St. Philip   ( 1 Article )

    Hymns to St. Philip of Agira and a collection of prayers in his honor.

  • St. Philip of Agira outside of Agira   ( 4 Articles )

    The cult of St. Philip is not only in Agira but also in other countries of southern Italy. In Sicily: Aci San Filippo, Calatabiano, Piazza Armerina, Faro Superiore, Limina, Mongiuffi, Melia, Roccafiorita, Rodi-Milici.

    Outside Sicily: Favelloni, fraction of Cessaniti, Pellaro, Laurito.

    Even in island of Malta San Filippo has many devotees, a church and a town of which he is the patron saint. The city of Żebbuġ reveres St. Philip and  recently it has been twinned with Agira.

Cassatelle di Agira, valigetta
Cassatelle di Agira, valigetta

Bassorilievo Persefone e Ade
Bassorilievo Persefone e Ade

Cassatelle di Agira, cofanetto
Cassatelle di Agira, cofanetto

Salame al pistacchio agirino
Salame al pistacchio agirino

Salsiccia di Agira
Salsiccia di Agira


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